May 19, 2009

At Home With the Piggies.

They used to say pigs would fly before we elected a black president. Well, now we have a black president and swine flu. Connection? You be the judge.

I spent the last week and a half fighting a loosing battle against the flu. No, I don't know which variation it is, only that it sucks. It's mild, but persistent, consistently draining all of my energy. And it just keeps coming back. Recover, get sick. On and on and on.

According to, the two states with the most confirmed cases of Swine Flu are Illinois (1) and Wisconsin (2) -- and by quite a large margin. Nice to know we're living at the US epicenter of this thing.

It's sunny and 76 degrees here today. After work, I plan on melting the last of this little booger of a bug out of my system on my knees in the garden. Beans and peas are working their way up the new 8' x 9' trellis I built. In fact, everything is growing well and looking healthy.

All but me, that is.


  1. Yea! Glad you're feeling better, now get back in the garden and post some photos!

  2. Still waiting for the pictures. I wish we could see the "real" thing..


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